Article 1: Application of Terms of Use

These terms of use (the “Terms”) shall apply to all acts performed by users of the service (hereinafter “Users”) in using sustainable-destinations.jp (hereinafter “Site”), to be provided by Sustainable Destinations Japan (hereinafter “SDJ”). Users shall be deemed to have accepted all provisions of the Terms when they commence use of the Service.

If there are notes and instructions presented by the SDJ on the Site (the “Notes” hereinafter), such Notes shall comprise a part of this Agreement. The SDJ deems the users to have consented to this Agreement by using the Site.

Article 2: Copyrights

Users agree with respect to all contents provided through this site that they may not use them beyond the scope of personal use by the user as defined in the Copyright Act without prior consent by the SDJ.

In case a dispute arises as a result of breach of provisions of this agreement, users shall resolve such disputes at their own expense and responsibility, and shall not cause any damages to the SDJ and third parties.

Article 3: Prohibited acts for users

Users are prohibited from engaging in the following matters in relation to the use of this site:

  1. Act of using the services provided by the SDJ on this site for unlawful purposes;
  2. Act that infringes on the copyrights, likeness, and/or other intellectual property rights of other users and/or third parties;
  3. Act of discrimination, slander and defamation, or threats against; or infringes on the privacy and/or human rights of, other users and/or third parties;
  4. Political activities, election campaigns, or religious activities;
  5. Acts that defames, or damages the creditworthiness or trustworthiness of the SDJ;
  6. Acts that impede the operation of this site;
  7. Acts of use for commercial purposes (except where approved by the SDJ);
  8. Other acts that violate or is likely to violate laws, regulations, and/or public order and good moral; and
  9. Other acts deemed unsuitable or inappropriate by the SDJ.

In case the SDJ or a third party incurs damages due to acts listed above, the user is to be held liable for all legal liabilities, and hold the SDJ and third parties harmless.

The SDJ may suspend the use of this site without prior notice if it reasonably deems the user to have engaged in acts listed in the preceding sentence.

Article 4: Antisocial Forces exclusion policy.

  1. The SDJ guarantees that it does not, and will not in future, have relationships with an organized crime group, an organized crime group member, a non-regular member of an organized crime group, a company closely related to an organized crime group, a corporate racketeer or the like, a rogue acting in the name of a social movement, or a special intelligence violent group or the like, or any similar party (hereinafter referred to as “Antisocial Forces”), and guarantees that each of the following is true and accurate:
    1. Antisocial Forces neither directly nor indirectly control its operation of business.
    2. Antisocial Forces are not subsctantially involved in its operation of business.
    3. The SDJ does not use Antisocial Forces or perform any like activities with the purpose of bringing unjust benefit to the or a third party or causing damage to a third party;
    4. The SDJ does not provide funds or convenience to the Antisocial Forces or otherwise directly or actively cooperate or get involved in the maintenance or management of the Antisocial Forces;
    5. Neither its board members nor managers have knowingly any socially condemned relationship with the Antisocial Forces.
  2. The SDJ guarantees that it does not conduct or make third parties to conduct the following actions:
    1. violent acts of demand;
    2. unjust acts of demand exceeding legal responsibility;
    3. acts that use threatening behavior or violence in regards to transactions;
    4. acts of circulating rumors and using fraud or power to damage credibility or to interfere with business; and
    5. other acts similar to the preceding items
  3. If a violation of any of the preceding clauses becomes known, the SDJ consents that the agreement may be terminated without notice and possibility to claim from other parties. In that case, the person violated this policy may lose its profit and shall immediately pay the damage to the other party.

Article 5: Temporary suspension of this site

  1. The SDJ may, if an event falling under any of the following items occurs, temporarily suspend provision of all or part of this service without advance notice to the users:
    1. If maintenance or servicing of facilities for the service is conducted.
    2. If provision of the service is rendered impossible by the natural disaster.
    3. If provision of the service is rendered impossible due to the accident.
    4. If the provision or use of external systems necessary for the operation of this site is rendered impossible.
    5. If the SDJ otherwise determines that provision of the service should be temporarily suspended due to the unavoidable reasons.
  2. If any of the acts listed in the preceding paragraph causes damage to the company or a third party, the user shall bear all legal liability to the SDJ or a third party.
  3. The SDJ shall be able to suspend the use of this site without prior notice if the acts listed in the preceding paragraph have been performed.

Article 6: Revisions

  1. The SDJ may revise this agreement and notes, etc. (including deleting and adding, same applies below) without prior notice to the users.
  2. In such case, the revised agreement and notes, etc. shall become applicable from the time they are posted on this site, and users shall agree in advance that they will accept revised agreement and notes, etc.

Article 7: Relationship with Other Terms of Use

If there are other “Terms of Use”, “Guidelines”, “Policies”, etc. published or issued by the SDJ in addition to these Terms regarding this site (hereinafter “Other Terms of Use”), the user should comply with the Terms of use in addition to the Other Terms of Use.

If there is a contradiction between the terms stipulated in the Other Terms of Use and this agreement, the terms stipulated in the Other Terms of Use will prevail.

Article 8 Treatment of Personal Information

Treatment of personal information regarding the users shall be in accordance with the SDJ’s Privacy Policy.

Article 9 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by the law of Japan, and Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court shall be the agreed exclusive court of first instance for any dispute concerning this Agreement.

Enacted as of Mar 1, 2022
Sustainable Destinations Japan

This Terms of Use shall be interpreted in the Japanese language. In the event of any inconsistency or difference between different language versions of this Terms of Use, the Japanese version shall prevail in all respects.